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Beautiful Handmade Creations

Explore the creative journey and design sensibility in the one of a kind epoxy resin creations by Jamie Lynn Owen

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My passion always drew me to the arts and creative process, though I am  fairly new to the resin medium. When I first found epoxy resin, it was all consuming for me, an unlimited potential of expression, that I could do over and over and never get the same result. To be able to take some clear resin and a table full of powder and paint and allow the imagination to just run free was such an expressive experience. Manipulating the rainbow of colors until the soul felt completion. Each piece an expression of that moment in time .... all together they read like a diary of my soul.

The ability to not only forge the shape as the resin molds and cures, but to guide the play of colors as they move through the piece. My work consists of a variety of formats and installations using epoxy resin. For me, it has two parts to the creative process. First there is the manipulation of the color composition and the play between hues. Then there is the actual structure. If you allow it to partially cure, you can then take it in a malleable form and entertain the many possibilities of the actual shape. My pieces have movement and life, as I almost “mold and sculpt” the structure into a new form.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Marketing and a minor in Fashion Merchandising. I have no formal art training, only a passionate spirit to guide me. By day I am  a structured and focused, COO for a boutique financial planning firm in Irving, Texas and by night I am a limitless wildly expressive creator of functional art.  

Though my art is not  how I make a living, it is how I express my life. It is my solitude and my salvation from a life of chaos and disruption.

 “I create to express my life.... each piece can never be recreated, much like a moment in time. Each one captures an essence of that moment; it evokes an emotion when you look at the beautiful play of colors, to be able to share that gives me great peace and fulfillment ” 

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